Jiří Dolejš Security Systems


Jiří Dolejš Security Systems - JDSS

Jiri Dolejš Security Systems (JDSS) offers safety counseling and comprehensive commercial security services to organizations and individuals. The company specializes in the area of physical security, administrative security, personal protection, methodology of classified information and security policy. The company also provides consultancy in the field of occupational safety. Moreover, it focuses on testing the real property security in face of adverse events, during which is determined its resistance against burglary, terrorist attack, internal data leakage, fire, and other incidents.

JDSS staff has long experience in the area of commercial security, namely the public and private sectors. They have arranged security for both exceptional structures and facilities (important office buildings, dams, castles, state offices) and normal buildings. They are also experienced in security aspect of organization of events, such as political meetings. 

In accordance with Act no. 412/2005, as amended, regarding protection of classified information and security eligibility, JDSS staff has been granted a National Security Authority clearance up to SECRET level.

Chief security consultant Jiří Dolejš has worked closely with the Rapid Response Unit (URNA) of the Police of the Czech Republic for almost 20 years – as the security testing of  various structures and emergency exercises throughout the Czech Republic has been carried out in cooperation with URNA. As a security expert or a manager, Jiří Dolejš worked i.e. at the Ministry of Agriculture, the Národní památkový ústav (National Heritage Institute) or Český Rozhlas (Czech Radio). Currently, Jiří Dolejš is a private security advisor.

JDSS consultants have experience with organization and implementation of security measures at several European Union summits.

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